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Precision Machining,Casting and Prototyping

Why We’re Doing This

VCU in Vietnam has its own highly qualified QC staff team equipped with all necessary and state-of-the-art testing equipment to be able to perform 100% inspection in order to ensure the best quality products that will be delivered to all of our customers.

VCU factory in Vietnam is ISO9001:2015 ISO16949 ISO18000 ISO14000 ISO25000 certified. Our goal is to meet or exceed ISO requirements, as well as other industry standards.
Our employees are highly trained and qualified towards ISO requirements who work consistently and diligently to improve and implement our manufacturing processes

Ensure quality and comply with ISO9001:2015





Lead Time

Tooling - 45 days
Sampling - 10-15
Mass production - 20-40
According to different processes and quantities

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